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5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ‘14 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 Features

Duplicate Detection are Back !! This feature was removed from MS CRM 2013 at the time of create and update so customer started using custom solution for duplicate detection. But with latest release this feature is back with enhancement, and now this  feature is also available in CRM for tablet as well. Solution Export Version This is another  xRM feature added where… Read more »

South East Asia MVPs Community Day 2013

South East Asia MVP Community is celebrating MVP Community Day on this Saturday, where MVPs from Asia community doing different events like Webcasts and On-line Chat related to their respective technology. I am doing online chat and a webcast on “What is new in MS CRM 2013” with my fellow MVP Roohi Shaikh. You can register here for this event:… Read more »

Apply Field Validations without writing Java Script in MS CRM 2013 – Part 2

In our last post we discussed business rules and in this post we are going to show how we can create business rule in MS CRM 2013. To create business rule navigating to entity customization. Let’s take a very simple example we want to validate if Relationship type is selected a “Consultant” we need to make industry field business required… Read more »

Apply Field Validations without writing Java Script in MS CRM 2013 !!!

In Microsoft Development Forums many times we found posts where new CRM users are asking for help to write JavaScript validation specially if they are not developers, so I hope they will be happy with “Business Rule”, another great feature that is introduced in MS CRM 2013. Business rules helps CRM user to design most frequently used data validations from… Read more »

Using Quick View Form in MS CRM 2013

Today we are going to discuss another new form added in MS CRM 2013 called “Quick View Forms”. This form was initially introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall 13 Service Update. Quick view forms are associated with lookup control, for example if you want to see the details of the record filled in lookup control you can open by… Read more »

Quick Create Form In MS CRM 2013

Today we are going to discuss Quick Create Forms which is a new feature added in MS CRM 2013. Quick create form facilitate ms crm user to create entity record quickly as name suggest, just filling key information (you can decide your key attributes that you want to put on this form). By default you will get quick form in some… Read more »