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Enable Entity Records for Dynamics 365 Partner Portals

Introduction If you are working with Partner Portal, you may notice that you are not able to see records in Portal even though you have all the required permission setup correctly. We are going to discuss another quick check that you can do while not getting data. Solution Most common reason when you are not able to see the data… Read more »

Working with Dynamics 365 Portals – Webinar

Web Roles are used to implement Dynamics 365 Portals security, just like we use security roles in Dynamics 365 CE. Every Dynamics 365 portal user must have assigned some web roles to access Dynamics 365 CE records. In the web roles we can configure entity permissions to implement record based security just like we can do in Dynamics 365 CE… Read more »

Working with Dynamics 365 Portals- Webinar

Are just started working with Dynamics 365 Portals and have many questions in your mind related to customizing Dynamics 365 Portals and extending it’s capability ?? if yes, join on Webinar where we will be discussing following topics Quick Overview of Dynamics 365 Portals We will start with quick view of Dynamics 365 Portals and why you need them. Setup… Read more »

Datetime zone issue in Liquid – Dynamics 365 Portals

Introduction This article is about the date time format and zone issue in Dynamics 365 Portal. Dynamics 365 CE store date time in UTC format in CRM DB and when you will display date field on Dynamics 365 Portals it will display same date which sometime leads to incorrect date & time. If you are facing same issue this article… Read more »

Fix Duplicate Record Found for Entity error – Dynamics 365 Portals

Introduction This article is about fixing “Duplicate Record Found for Entity error..” in Dynamics 365 Portals. Details Sometime Dynamics 365 CE display confusing error, for example recently one user got following error while assigning a Web Role to user This error seems confusing as it’s saying Duplicate error, but when I looked into this issue, I found this issue was… Read more »

Page Redirect options in entity form Dynamics 365 Portals

Introduction This is common while working with Dynamics 365 Portals we need to setup page redirection. Sometimes we want to use existing query string parameter sometime we need to use a different parameter. Today I am going to discuss different options which can be used to set page redirection in entity form through configurations. Details Page redirection can be configured… Read more »