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Using Alternate key to update entity record- Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1

If you have worked on integrating CRM with another system like ERP, you might have maintained different keys for your ERP records for the synchronization purpose. But now you don’t need to do that any more !! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 introduced new feature which allows us to assign alternate unique keys to entity which can help us to… Read more »

Business Rules Enhancement in MS CRM 2015

With other exciting features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 also introduced new following enhancement in business rules: Set default value Support for Server Side logic Support for OR operator Support for else Setting Default Value – This is a very useful enhancement which can help us in different business scenarios for example, let’s say you have one default pricelist that you… Read more »

Global Search is finally here in MS CRM 2015

The most awaited feature Global search is finally here. Although there are addons available in market for global search, check this post for details, but this feature was not available OOB. Actually this feature was already released in MS CRM 2013, CRM for tablet client, but MS CRM 2015 introduced this feature for web client as well. When you will login… Read more »

Turning off navigation tour in MS CRM 2015

If you are logged in first time in MS CRM 2013, you will see a beautiful CRM lady in navigation tour screen, this tour will help you with quick navigation tips, but even if you will select “Don’t show me this again” , she may come back again to meet you 🙂 if you will access CRM from other browser… Read more »