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Dynamics 365 CE and Azure Function Part 2

Introduction This is our second article in the Dynamics 365 and Azure series, in first article we discussed basic introduction about azure function and set azure function app. In this article we are going to discuss how we can read CSV file from blob storage and process it to create/update contact record in Dynamics 365. Let’s say we have following… Read more »

Dynamics 365 CE and Azure Function Part 1

Introduction This is our first article in the series, of Dynamics 365 and Azure function integration. We will be discussing how we can import data from CSV file to Dynamics 365 using an Azure function, during these series we will be discussing the following options, 1. Introduction to Azure Function 2. Connecting Azure function to Dynamics 365 3. Setup Server to… Read more »

Executing workflow from command button using Web API

Introduction In our earlier sample, we discussed how to call actions using Web API, today we are going to share sample code to execute workflow from command button using Web API. Requirement Let’s say we got some requirement to validate some logic on click of the command button and need to send email using workflow. Let’s see how we can do that…. Read more »

Change “The form could not be submitted..” message in Dynamics 365 Portal

In my earlier article, we discussed how to implement custom javascript validation message, now let’s say we want to change the title of the validator. So first thing I tried to check it’s element using inspect. And used following code But even though this label was changed, but validator title was same Then I tried following code, in console And… Read more »

Reset your Dynamics 365 V9 Trial to V8.2

Introduction We know that Dynamics 365 trial only for the latest version, but in case you want to setup a Dynamics 365 V 8.2 environment this article going to help you. Please check our earlier article to setup Dynamics 365 Trail. Requirement Reset Dynamics 365 V 9.0 trial to setup a Dynamics 365 V 8.2 environment. Solution We can use following… Read more »

Update Dynamics 365 Data using Flow

Introduction In our earlier article we discussed how we can create data in Dynamics 365 CE using Microsoft Flow from excel file. Now in this article we are going to discuss how we can update existing data using flow. Requirement: In our earlier example we used following excel table to upload data to contact entity, Now let’s say we have… Read more »

Creating html web resource to show image attached in Notes using Web API

Some time back I wrote a post for retrieving image attached to notes using OData, as now for Dynamics 365 CE, we use Web API, so I am going to share how we can do it using Web API. Microsoft Dynamics CRM store all the notes and attachment in annotation entity. Most of the out of box entity used to… Read more »

Understanding Solution in Dynamics 365

Join us on 18 Feb 2017 for free webinar on Dynamics 365 Solutions. In this webinar we are going to discuss following topics: 1. Understanding Dynamics 365 Solutions 2. Working with Publishers 3. Adding components to Solution 4. Managed vs Unmanaged solution 5. Export/Import solution 6. Q & A You can find registration details here

Design custom app using Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 provides different individual apps for various functionality compared to earlier versions where we had complete application to fulfill specific business needs. We may simply start with Dynamics 365 for Sales app or any other app based on our initial requirement and can add apps if and when required. Now we do have a dedicated app store, you can… Read more »

Server Side Execution of Business Rules

Recently we hosted a free webinar on Dynamics 365 Business Rules. During webinar, there was one question regarding server side execution of the business rule: “Will it execute during create request”? And I answered it depends. If you are setting any field which has business rule associated with it, it will fire, but if you are not using that field… Read more »