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Step by Step creating Quick Entity View in MS CRM 2011

During one of our projects we got a requirement to show related entity fields, based on the lookup selection, just like the Quick Entity View feature that we have in Microsoft CRM 2013, so I thought of replicating that for Microsoft CRM 2011. In this article I am sharing code and how to do that so that it can help… Read more »

Accessing custom aspx page from MS CRM 2011 and passing EntityID

Recently we got one request to show custom website page in CRM from left navigation in MS CRM 2011 based on the entity id. I am going to share the process so that it can help someone. In our scenario we need to: Create left navigation link for custom web page hosted on intranet website. Pass current entity id to… Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Application Design

It is my pleasure to share this news with my readers that I have been working on a book for last few months and now it is available on Packtpub.com. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Application Design is the solution to your business needs. Whether you are just starting out or are an old hand this book will provide you with… Read more »

Step By Step Adding Configuration Page in Solution MS CRM 2011 Part -2

In my earlier post I have used a simple html web resource to set as configuration page and I found this post quite popular, so I thought to write another post on this. In this post I will show how can we get configuration details from xml web resource to display it in configuration page. We can use it in… Read more »

Working with MS CRM 2011 data types

I have seen many question in MS CRM Development where developers asking for MS CRM 2011 data type related question, like how to set lookup field, how to set/retrieve optionset value. so I thought to write code to show how we can set different data type field in MS CRM 2011. Below is the example to create account using late… Read more »