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Calling Custom Actions using Web API

In our last web API articles, we discussed about using web API actions, today we are going to discuss about calling our custom actions using web API. If you are new to action you can refer this KB to know about actions. Let’s take a scenario that we want to design one action for our custom event entity to approve… Read more »

Writing retrievemultiple request using Web API

In our last post we provided sample code to write retrieve method using Web API. Retrieve methods brings data based on the primary key, so we just need to pass primary key of specific entity record whose data we want to bring and obviously it always returns single record. In this post we are going to provide sample code for… Read more »

Using New Scripting Methods in CRM 2016 Part 2

In our earlier post, we discussed getValue and KeyPress methods introduced in CRM 2016, in this post we are going to discuss AutoComplete methods. Below two methods are added to implementing auto complete feature to text fields: • showAutoComplete • hideAutoComplete showAutoComplete– This method allows us to show list of possible values as dropdown to add auto complete feature to… Read more »