Reset your Dynamics 365 V9 Trial to V8.2

We know that Dynamics 365 trial only for the latest version, but in case you want to setup a Dynamics 365 V 8.2 environment this article going to help you. Please check our earlier article to setup Dynamics 365 Trail.

Reset Dynamics 365 V 9.0 trial to setup a Dynamics 365 V 8.2 environment.

We can use following steps to get Dynamics 365 V 8.2

1. Setup Dynamics 365 trail by following steps in this article.
2. Navigate to Dynamics 365 Administration Center using following steps
3. Click on Edit button to edit your Dynamics 365 instance

4. Change Instance Type from Production to Sandbox and click on Next
5. Ignore the warning and click on Save.
6. Now you should be able to see Reset button like following, click on Reset button
7. You will be redirect to following screen, change Target version from 9.0 to 8.2 here and click on Reset button after selecting application that you want to preinstall
8. After couple of mints we should be able to see our environment reset to Dynamics 365 8.2 like following

Stay tuned for more Dynamics 365 Contents!

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