MS CRM 2013 Beta In Place Upgrade

MS CRM 2013 beta in place upgrade was a quite simple process , we are sharing our experience with in place upgrade for simple test organization.

Step 1. Download MS CRM 2013 beta from Microsoft Connect

Step 2. Before starting your installation you need to make sure

  • You should have latest rollup installed for Ms CRM 2011 or at least Rollup 6.
  • Uninstall Connector for Sql server Reporting services.

Step 3.  Run CRM2013-Server-ENU-amd64.exe in your MS CRM 2011 Server to start installation.

Step 4.  It will ask if you want to get update or not.

Step 5. It will start searching for installation for required component and will prompt you to install if there is any component missing, Click on Install to install required components.

Capture1Step 6. Select your organization to be upgraded from drop down.

Step 7. Select user mapping.

Step 8. Provide email router server name if you are planning to use email router for email integration.

Step 9. You will get list of warning, just click Next.

Step 10. Final Scree will display Deployment specific information, Click on Upgrade.

We will be testing MS CRM 2013 beta upgrade with some other highly customized organizations and will share our experience here.

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    1. mahenderpal Post author

      This is a complete path, if you have permission you should see table listed with latest refresh in this page.

      1. Ridhima Goel

        I have partner source login id. I am getting table also, but CRM2013-Server-ENU-amd64.exe is not available in the list


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