Removing potential customer from opportunity form- Quick Tip

In this post we are going to discuss about removing potential customer lookup field from opportunity form. Starting from CRM 2013, potential customer field was removed from opportunity form and individual account and contact lookup were added to opportunity form to set opportunity customer, but if we added by mistake potential customer field added to opportunity form, then we can’t remove this field easily.

Now to hide this field, we could double click on the field and uncheck “Visible by default” option under visibility section, but as this is required field, we need to set some default value under this field otherwise we will get error message under taskbar when we will try to save opportunity record.
We can’t use business rule to set this field as it is not available under business rule, other option is to write script to set default value under this field to avoid this error message.

We can use another unsupported option to remove this field from opportunity form completely by modify opportunity form xml file. We can follow below options:

  • Create one solution and add opportunity entity under your solution.
  • Export solution and unzip it.
  • Open customization.xml file under any xml editor and remove below lines:


  • Save and close customization.xml file and zip all files with the help of Send to option using mouse right click
  • Rename zip folder with actual solution name.


  • Import solution and click on Publish all customization after solution imported.

Now when you will try to create opportunity record, you won’t see this field any more.

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