“Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.RegisterVssWriterServiceAction failed”- Quick Tip

We were installing CRM 2015 in one of the virtual machine and got CRM setup failed error dialog with Retry and Cancel button. The first thing came in our mind to check setup log files, so when we checked crmserversetup.log file under C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs , we found below error details:

 Error| System.Exception: Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.RegisterVssWriterServiceAction failed. —> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Unable to change the Service description.
at Microsoft.Crm.ServiceControlManager.InstallNativeService(String serviceName, String displayName, String description, String assemblyPath, String user, String password)
at Microsoft.Crm.NativeServiceInstaller.Install(IDictionary stateSaver)
at Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.RegisterVssWriterServiceAction.Do(IDictionary parameters)
at Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Shared.CrmAction.ExecuteAction(CrmAction action, IDictionary parameters, Boolean undo)
— End of inner exception stack trace —, Error, RetryCancel, Option1

After reading this error we thought of checking VSS Writer Service status, so we opened services.msc to see what is the status of service and found service in up and running stage. We restarted this service to check if that will make any difference and finally when we clicked on Retry button again, it worked like charm!!

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