Are you interested in your connection list ??

If you are a sales person and using MS CRM 2011, I am sure you will be interested in your connection lists, so that you can easily associated/disassociate yourself with MS CRM records like account contact.  So how can you see your connection through OOB way, you need to follow below steps:

  • Navigation Setting->Administration->Users->select your record and open it.
  • Navigate to Connection from left navigation items under common section.

You can see all of your connected record.

But what about getting list of your connection directly from left navigation from MS CRM home page that will be great right ? we can easily create link in left navigation are to show view in MS CRM 2011.

So what we need to get that list :

  • Need to create Custom view to display connected entity record with you.
  • Need to get GUID of that view.
  • Modify site map to add new sub area item.

Here is step by step instruction

Create a Custom View to Show connected records and get View ID

  • Create a new Solution and add connection entity in your solution.
  • Navigation to Views under connection entity and select New.
  • Enter “My Connection” under name field and click Ok.
  • Click on “Edit filter criteria” under common tasks.
  • Add filter criteria like below and click Ok.


  • Click on “Add columns” to add required colums (make sure to add Connected From field).
  • Press F11 to get view URL.
  • Copy View ID from last, like below


  •  Save and Close view.
  • Set this view as Default from more actions.

Now we have created a view and fetched it’s guid, so let’s modify our site map.

You can customize site map manually or customize using wonderful tool Sitemap Editor.

I have used sitemap editor here, first you need to connect to your organization using sitemap editor once you are connected Click on “Load SiteMap” button to load default sitemap from your CRM.

Let’s say we want to create sub area item under My work, follow below steps to create new sub area

  • Navigation to Site Map->Area(Workplace)->Group(MyWork).
  • Right click on Group(myWork) and select Add SubArea.

  • Enter below information

         Id : “MyConnection”

          Entity: Connection

          Icon: specify icon this subarea.

          Title : My Connection

          Description: To Show my connection.

          URL: _root/homepage.aspx?etn=connection&viewid=%7bC4EB2710-A6A1-4CFD-BC94-664416807432%7d&viewtype=1039  //make sure to replace viewid with the id that we created

  • Click on Save button to save configuration for subarea.
  • Click on “Update SiteMap” to update sitemap in MS CRM 2011.
  • Start MS CRM you should get your “My Coonection” subarea under MyWork.

 Enjoy !!!

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