MS CRM 2011 Technical Interview Answer Part -2

• What is the use of document location entity in MS CRM 2011.
o Document location entity is used to store location of crm record which point to a document folder in share point.
• How can we create a custom Ribbon button.
o To create a custom ribbon button we need to modify RibbonDiffXml of the entity where want to place our button. We can use different ribbon editor tool in codeplex or can manually modify it, you can refer my post to create custom ribbon button.
• How can we rename a system Ribbon button.
o We can do this by modifying ribbondiffxml, but we need to get current ribbon button id, that we can get from the sample ribbon generator application that comes with Microsoft CRM 2011 SDK.
• How can we open a custom webpage from ribbon button.
o We can use Action to open custom page refer:
• How can we use Filtered views in MS CRM 2011.
o Filtered view is a way to enforce security as database level, while working with report we use Filtered view to fetch data based on user security role. Microsoft CRM 2011 contains filtered view for every entity.
• What is Webresource and what the different types of webresource.
o Web resource is new feature in Microsoft CRM 2011, which is used create reusability of the code and other component. We can create different type of web resource in Microsoft CRM 2011 for example javascript, Image, silverlight, CSS and HTML page.
• How can deploy a Silverlight webresource in MS CRM 2011.
o Please refer:
• What is the use of subgrids?
o Subgrids are used to display any entity view in another entity, you can add subgrids from Insert tab while customizing entity form and can select entity to display view in that subgrid
• What are the basic steps involved in developing plugin.
o Refer :
• What is the use of tracing Service in plugin development.
o This is a new feature in Microsoft CRM 2011, using tracing service we can get more error details and can display them to user.
• What are the new messages introduced for plugins in MS CRM 2011?
o Microsoft CRM 2011 has introduced many new entities, you can refer new entity and their messages in “message-entity support for plug-ins” files that comes with Microsoft CRM 2011 SDK.
• What is sandbox plugin.
o Sandbox plugin is a plugin which runs under Isolation mode. All Microsoft CRM 2011 plugin writing for online is registered in sandbox mode.
• What are the different ways to create custom report for MS CRM 2011.
o Fetchxml and SSRS.
• Difference between Early bound and late bound.
o Early bound – Easy to code, you don’t need to remember field’s name, compile type checking, required extra efforts to generate early bound classes.
o Out bound- you should know fields name, run time checking, performance wise better than early bound. refer: for more details

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