Silverlight process missing in VS 2010, while trying to debug

I was working on a Silverlight component yesterday and I was facing some issue, so I thought let’s debug my XAP file to see what is causing this issue. When I tried to attach Silverlight process in my source code, I was unable to get Silverlight process. Earlier I was able to debug my XAP files without any issue, but this time I was not able to get Silverlight process to attach, I closed visual studio and browser many time, but no luck.

Then I tried to search in Google and found this blog, which helped me to get idea to try something and here is finally what I did:-

  1. Added a break point in Silverlight Project.
  2. Executed my Silverlight application in debug mode from Visual Studio and it went on debug mode.
  3. Uploaded my XAP file in Microsoft CRM 2011.

After that I tried to debug my XAP file and I was able to debug it.

Enjoy !!

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