Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization & Configuration Certificate Guide – Review

Book Review

Chapter 1: Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This chapter deals with technical details of Microsoft CRM 2011 like Microsoft CRM 2011 Architecture and different layer with different deployment options available. A good explanation about supported and unsupported customization in Microsoft CRM 2011.

Chapter 2: Configuring the System Settings

This chapter is about Configuring Microsoft CRM 2011, it explains how to configure system settings available in Microsoft CRM 2011. This chapter also covers about the setting that can be exported from Microsoft CRM 2011 using solutions.

Chapter 3: Configuring the Organization Structure

This chapter deals about creating organization structure with best practices available. In this chapter you will learn how to manage business unit, users, teams and applying security role to users and teams.

Chapter 4: Entity and Attribute Customization

This chapter has details about the customization concept in Microsoft CRM 2011, you will learn to create custom entities and attribute with the details about how to create and manage solutions.

Chapter 5: Data Modeling Using Entity Relationships

You will learn about different type of relationship available in Microsoft CRM 2011, setting up relationship mapping and creating connections.

Chapter 6: User Interface Customization: Forms, View, and Charts

This chapter has details about customizing Microsoft CRM 2011 user interface, you will learn to customize forms, view and charts.

Chapter 7: Auditing

This chapter is completely dedicated to auditing feature in Microsoft CRM 2011, you will learn what are the different operation where you can do auditing, how you can configure auditing and how you can view audit data.

Chapter 8: Solutions

This chapter discuss about working with solution, you will learn about , how you can manage solution components, creating and exporting solution.

Chapter 9: Sample Certification Exam Questions

Very good list of sample question paper, you can test your knowledge on every topic from customization and configuration exam.

So if you are going to attempt  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization & Configuration exam then buying this book will be your best bet. you can buy this book from Packt site.

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