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Create Opportunity Relationship record

Sometime we need to create “Opportunity Relationship” record through code. We can use below code to create Opportunity relationship record. Basically we need to set three values while creating opportunity relationship record customerid, opportunityid and opportunityroleid. //I have used Dynamic entity to create opportunity relationship record DynamicEntity  _OpportunityRelationship = new DynamicEntity(); //Set entity name as “customeropportunityrole”           _OpportunityRelationship.Name = “customeropportunityrole”; //Create… Read more »

Easy way to avoid Infinite loop in Update plugin

I have seen many developers facing issue of infinite loop while using update method inside update plugin. I know it could be requirement specific, to use update method inside update plugin. But sometime we can void infinite issue, there is no need of calling update method. You could play with inputparmeter propertybag. For example sometime we have requirement to calculate… Read more »

Custom Workflow To get Datetime for the specified day of the week

One of my client ask me to develop a custom workflow for Following Date Manipulation functions Get the day of the week from a datetime field Get the date only part of a date time field to a workflow variable Get the time only part of a date time field to a workflow variable Get the datetime value for the… Read more »

Custom WorkFlow Activity DateTimeInput Issue

I got requirement to get Date for next weekday based on the weekday index input For example if you need to check what the date on next Monday is, As obvious I created two workflow input variables and wrote logic to get next weekday date. But I found the custom workflow not working because of the because of the datetime… Read more »