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Syncing product from Quotes to Opportunity

Requirement Quote product should be synched to opportunity when quote is activated. Implementations In traditional sales life cycle we create quote from opportunity which inherit all the opportunity data as well as products from opportunity. but sometimes while working on the quote negotiations with the customer some information can be updated on the quote products or may new product is… Read more »

Deactivate Child Records using plug-in

Requirement Deactivate child records using 1:N association using plugin. Details Sometimes we want to deactivate/activate records based on the Parent record deactivation/activation. We cam achieve this requirement writing plugin on the update of the parent entity where we can check statecode value wheather it’s 0 or 1 (Most of the activities have two states 0- Active, 1- Inactive) but we… Read more »

Resend Pending Emails After Editing

Problem Recently we got one requirement to resend some pending emails after changing from, In this article I am going to share steps to the same. Solution Pending emails are read only so we can’t edit them, incase you want to perform any changes to these emails you can use following below steps. 1. Change Email stage to draft so… Read more »

Query intersect entity and it’s attribute- Sample Code

Introduction When we setup system N:N relationship between two entities an intersect entity is created internally, which is not accessible directly. Let’s say we have N:N relationship between case and workorder entity. And if you will try to see attributes of this entity, you will find following attributes So in case we want to query this entity, we need to… Read more »

Free Webinar on Plug-in Development Day2

Join us on 20 Aug 2017 at 5 PM IST for the second day of Plug-in Development Webinar. Here is the high level agenda for webinar: Plugin Execution Pipeline  Working with IPluginexecution context  Using Plugin Images  Using Configuration data in plugins  Debugging Plugin  Q&A Event Url: Meeting Id:997784757 Entry Code:N/A

Free Webinar on Plug-in Development Day 1

If you are new to Dynamics 365/CRM plug-in development and looking for how to get started join us on 19 Aug 2017 at 5 PM IST, Here is the high level agenda for webinar Overview to Dynamics 365/CRM Extensibility Architecture Introduction to Plug-ins Why we need Plug-ins Plug-in development process Writing Hello World Plug-in How to register Plug-in Q &… Read more »

Order is edited by multiple users Error

In my current project we have integrated order with our financial system and also we are using third party tool to generate order line items. After some time in production we started getting issue “Order is edited by multiple users” , and we were getting this issue only some times. After doing lot’s of testing what I found my order… Read more »

Send All notes in Email through Workflow with Record link

As we all know in CRM notes are stored in annotation entity, like records. For example if you have added 3 notes in account there will be three different record in annotation entity related to that account. In my current project we got requirement to send Notification when a new notes is added to Opportunity. This can be easily achieved… Read more »

Using CompoundUpdateRequest in Dynamics CRM 4.0

Sometime when we are integrating ms crm with another application we need to send CRM data to another application and also need to keep track if data is already sent or not. For example if you are sending sales order and sales order line items and you need to update sales order and line item after sending, you can use  compoundupdaterequest message to update… Read more »

Close Activity based on Due Date using workflow

   I got one requirement from my client where we need to complete Email activity based on it’s Due date. so I have to check if current date is equal to email’s due date then close email activity. So I created a workflow to implement this. Here are the steps to create workflow 1.       Create new workflow select Entity… Read more »