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Setting Lead name based on Existing Customer

Do you feel it annoying to enter First Name and Last Name in lead even Existing Contact is selected already??, if yes then this post will help you to auto populate these fields as soon as Existing Contact is selected. Lead entity contains fullname which is primary field (key attribute). It is combination for First and Last name. These fields is used… Read more »

Improved update method –Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 released some new features that will be very help for developers. In this post we will discuss new improvement in Update method. In earlier version we had different request for the special operations for example AssignRequest for changing owner once record is created, SetStateRequest to change the status of entity record. But now with… Read more »

Deleting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Organization from SQL

Requirement: Delete Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization Solution: We can follow below steps to delete Dynamics CRM Organization from DB. Connect to CRM DB server and right click on CRM organization DB (for example DEMO_MSCRM) Select Delete and make sure to select Close existing connections This will delete organization DB , but we also need to remove Organization references from MSCRM_CONFIG… Read more »

Step by Step creating wildcard certificate

Most of the time while setting IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM dev environment we use wildcard certificate. In this post we are going to provide step by step instruction to setup a wildcard certificate using IIS 7. We are using windows 2008 r2 operating system. In order to create a wildcard certificate first we need to generate a certificate singing request… Read more »