Using CompoundUpdateRequest in Dynamics CRM 4.0

Sometime when we are integrating ms crm with another application we need to send CRM data to another application and also need to keep track if data is already sent or not. For example if you are sending sales order and sales order line items and you need to update sales order and line item after sending, you can use  compoundupdaterequest message to update sales order and order line items in one go.


private BusinessEntityCollection ReadAllOrderLineItems(Guid _ID, ICrmService _iService)


            RetrieveMultipleResponse retrieved = null;



                ConditionExpression _Condition = new ConditionExpression();

                _Condition.Operator = ConditionOperator.Equal;

                _Condition.AttributeName = “salesorderid”;

                _Condition.Values = new object[] { _ID };

                 FilterExpression _Filter = new FilterExpression();

                _Filter.FilterOperator = LogicalOperator.And;

                _Filter.Conditions.AddRange(new ConditionExpression[] { _Condition });

                 QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression();

                query.ColumnSet = new AllColumns();

                query.Criteria = _Filter;

                query.EntityName = “salesorderdetail”;

                RetrieveMultipleRequest retrieve = new RetrieveMultipleRequest();

                retrieve.Query = query;

                retrieve.ReturnDynamicEntities = true;

                retrieved = (RetrieveMultipleResponse)_iService.Execute(retrieve);


            catch (SoapException Ex)


                throw Ex;


            catch (Exception Excep)


                throw Excep;


            return retrieved.BusinessEntityCollection;


//Get all orderline items for particular salesorderid
BusinessEntityCollection _OrderLineItems = ReadAllOrderLineItems(_SalesorderID,_iCrmService); //I have written this function to fetch all order line items based on salesorder id.
 //Create Dynamic entity array to store salesorderdetails
 DynamicEntity[] _SalesorderDetailArr=new DynamicEntity[_OrderLineItems.BusinessEntities.Count];
 for(int i=0; i<_OrderLineItems.BusinessEntities.Count; i++)
               //get salesorder key
                DynamicEntity _ExistingSalesorderItem = (DynamicEntity)_OrderLineItems.BusinessEntities[i];
 // create properties for sales order detail, in my example I have created a bit field in sales order and sales order detail

                DynamicEntity _Salesorderitem=new DynamicEntity();
                _Salesorderitem.Name = “salesorderdetail”;
                 //Add property to set created flag
                 CrmBooleanProperty _Created = new CrmBooleanProperty();
                _Created.Name = “new_created”;
                _Created.Value = new CrmBoolean();
                _Created.Value.Value = true;
                 //set key property
                KeyProperty _SalesorderDetailKey = new KeyProperty();
                _SalesorderDetailKey.Name = “salesorderdetailid”;
                _SalesorderDetailKey.Value = new Key();
                _SalesorderDetailKey.Value.Value = ((Key)_ExistingSalesorderItem.Properties[“salesorderdetailid”]).Value;
                _SalesorderDetailArr[i] = _Salesorderitem;

            DynamicEntity _Salesorder = new DynamicEntity();
            _Salesorder.Name = “salesorder”;
            _Salesorder.Properties.Add(new KeyProperty(“salesorderid”, new Key(_ID)));
            CrmBooleanProperty _Created = new CrmBooleanProperty();
            _Created.Name = “new_created”;
            _Created.Value = new CrmBoolean();
            _Created.Value.Value = true;
            TargetCompoundDynamic _TargetUpdate = new TargetCompoundDynamic();
            _TargetUpdate.ChildEntities = _SalesorderDetailArr;
            _TargetUpdate.Entity = _Salesorder;
            CompoundUpdateRequest _Request = new CompoundUpdateRequest();
            _Request.Target = _TargetUpdate;
            CompoundUpdateResponse _Response = (CompoundUpdateResponse)_iService.Execute(_Request);

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  1. Joe

    Is it possible for you to post the ReadAllOrderLineItems() function? Will be a big help.



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