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Send All notes in Email through Workflow with Record link

As we all know in CRM notes are stored in annotation entity, like records. For example if you have added 3 notes in account there will be three different record in annotation entity related to that account. In my current project we got requirement to send Notification when a new notes is added to Opportunity. This can be easily achieved… Read more »

Update Entity Record Using Dynamic Entity

I want to share somecode to update entity using dynamic entity with all //Create ICrmService object ICrmService  _iCrmserviceObject=context.CreateCrmService(true); //Create Dynamic entity object  DynamicEntity _DynamicEntity = new DynamicEntity(); //Assign name of entity which you want to update let’s say account             _DynamicEntity.Name = “account”; //We have to add properties to dyanic entity that we want to update //we can add directly… Read more »