Step By Step Hiding Ribbon Button in MS CRM 2011 Part1

If you have a requirement to hide ribbon buttons in MS CRM 2011 then this post is will help you. Sometime there some system ribbon button which is not required by our client, so if we need to hide them we have two below options:

  • Modify Ribbon XML file manually.
  • User Ribbon Editors addon available.

Let’s say we need to hide “Save&New” button from Lead entity.

In this post we are going to modify ribbon xml manually and next post I will be using ribbon editor addon available. So let’s start our step by step process.

Step1: Generate Ribbon XML for you entities.

You can use exportribbonxml project that comes with MS CRM 2011 SDK under “sdksamplecodecsclientribbonexportribbonxml” location. Open this project and run it will ask your crm server name and organization detail and will generate entity ribbons.

Step2: Open leadRibbon.xml in Visual Studio or you any xml editor

Step3: Create new solution and add your entity in that.

Step4: Export your solution and extract it.

Step5: Open your customizations.xml file in Visual Studio and search for “SaveAndNew”


Step6: Copy it’s id value, we need this to use it in our location property.

Step7: Open customization.xml from your extracted solution.

Step8: Search for RibbonDiffXml and do changes like below


We have used HideCustomAction to hide our OOB button.

Step9: Zip your solution (selection all field->right Click->Send To->Compressed (Ziped) folder.

Step10: Import your solution and Publish Customization.

Now when you will open lead form you will find “Save & New” button missing like below

missingsaveand new

In Next post we will show how we can implement this using ribbon Editor addon !!

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