Working with Dynamics 365 Data Types- Sample Code

Few year back we wrote a quick blog post for working with Dynamics CRM 2011 data types which helped many developers and today we are sharing updated sample code to work with Dynamics 365/CRM data types. If you are looking for late bound sample code for setting different Dynamics 365/CRM data types, you can refer following sample code, We have created a demo custom entity with all possible data types:

Entity demoEntity = new Entity("him_demo");

//string or multiple
demoEntity["him_name"] = "Dynamics 365 Data Type Demo";

demoEntity["him_democost"] = new Money(50000);

demoEntity["him_demodate"] = new DateTime(2017, 10, 16);

demoEntity["him_demodiscount"] = 55.6;

//Option set value
demoEntity["him_demotypes"] = new OptionSetValue(100000000); //available option set value

//Two Optionset
demoEntity["him_demorequired"] = true;

//Whone number
demoEntity["him_democount"] = 20;

//lookup or customer type
demoEntity["him_democontact"] =new EntityReference("contact", new Guid("GUID of contact"));

Hope it will help new developers !!!

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