Re-adding accidently deleted statusreason option- Quick Tip

Requirement: Have you been in a situation where you accidently deleted status reason option from quote entity and now want to add it back as soon as possible?? If yes then this article is going to help you.

Solution: While adding options to option set, it’s value is generated automatically based on the option value prefix (You can find this option under publisher). Although it will display a prompt while resetting this value but we can change it based on our requirement.

But this is not possible for every field type for example status reason, while adding a value to status reason, we can’t change it’s value. In this article we are going to provide quick steps for how to re-add accidently deleted value in status reason, for example let’s we deleted following In Progress value accidently from quote status reason field and now let’s see how we can add it back:


1. Navigate to quote entity and open status reason field.
2. Click on Add button and re-add deleted option set.


3. Click on Save and Close and publish your changes.
4. Create a custom solution and just add only quote entity and only status reason field in your solution.


5. Export solution and unzip it.
6. Open customization in any xml editor.
7. Change new value with old value and Save your changes.


8. Now select all the files under solution folder and compressed.
9. Make sure to rename your zip folder with exact solution name.
10. Import your solution back to CRM and publish your changes.
11. Open status reason field now you should see old value again like following:


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