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Are you new to Dynamics 365 Portal and want to know how to get started? Join us on 1 Sep for Free Webinar in Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Portal. In this article we will discuss some quick question about Dynamics 365 Portal add-on.

Why We need Dynamics 365 Portal?
Sometimes our customer, partners want to access their data, for example our customer maybe interested in knowing more about what is happening with the cases that they have submitted or suppliers want see their work order details, booking details, or may be customer wants to update their details etc. We can’t provide Dynamics 365 access to everyone from our customer and partners. So we need a web application where we can expose customer, partners data and they can easily access it and Dynamics 365 Portal can help us for this requirement. Dynamics 365 Portal connect with Dynamics 365 to get customer and partner data based on their security permission.

How to get Dynamics 365 Portal?
We need to purchase a minimum of 5 Full User licenses of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan, standalone Dynamics 365 Applications (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service or Project Service Automation) or a combination to get 1 free instance of Portal add-on. Keep in mind you will get only 1 instance, if you want to more instances, you need to buy additional instances for example if you want provision portals for your Dev and UAT. You can get more details from Licensing Guide.

Can I use my own custom domain for Dynamics 365 Portal instead of
Yes, we can configure our own custom domain for our portal, you can check instruction here.

Can I change lookup and feel of Dynamics 365 Portal?
Yes, you can customization it based on your requirement. You can use bootstrap, CSS, jQuery to change lookup and feel of your portal. Check our earlier article for how to customize Profile page.

Do I have access to Portal source code?
No, we don’t have access to Dynamics 365 portal source code. Dynamics 365 portal source code is only available for the community edition, you can download it here.

Can I write client side code for Portal pages?
Yes, you can write JS code on the entity form, web page and in the web templates.

Can I use Dynamics 365 workflows from Portal?
Yes, you can call your on demand workflow using action buttons, for example below is the actions buttons available on portal Case entity form.

What are the different Types of Portal?
You can refer for the list of available portals.

From where I can manage and provision Dynamics 365 Portal?
You can manage and provision your Portal from Dynamics 365 Administration Center.

How to provision your portal.
You can provision your portal by following this instruction.

Want to know more about Dynamics 365 Portal ? Join our free Webinar on Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Portal on 1 Sep.

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