Duplicate lookup reference was found -{Quick Tip}

While importing data into Dynamics 365 with lookup fields, sometime we get duplicate reference found error, if you are getting same error then here is the quick tip for you .

While we are importing data into Dynamics 365 CE with lookup field, Dynamics try to relate lookup records based on the primary field name by default.

So if you have two records with same name, you will get error “A duplicate lookup reference was found”. Because CRM is not sure which record you want to relate with your current record. If you have duplicate records, you can using following options to avoid this error and tell specifically CRM which record you want to associate.
1. Using some unique field from parent entity, for example if we are referring account lookup we can use account number instead of account name like below

2. Using GUID of the record in the column field.

But if you don’t have any duplicate record and you are still getting this error, make sure to recheck your inactive records as well.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

because if you have any duplicate records which inactive CRM will consider it duplicate record. You can delete this record of rename it to something else to avoid this error.

You may have some hidden inactive records which is causing this issue to make sure to check active as well as inactive records to remove duplicate records.

Hope it will help someone!
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