Hide Create Document button

Hide Create Document (Document CorePack) button from opportunity entity.


Create Document button is added by Document CorePack addon to the entities, but sometimes we want to hide this button for specific entities for example let’s say we want to hide this in the opportunity entity. If you will try to find this button using Ribbon Workbench you won’t get this button visible there. To hide this button you need to setting in the Document CorePack. To hide it we need to follow below steps:

> Navigate to Settings -> DocumentsCorePack
> Click on General Settings and Expend Dialog Settings


> Search for ‘Create Document’ button Entity Configuration and click on Change button
> Search for Opportunity and click on Delete button

In case you want to add Create Document button to entity you can use Add button and select your entity.

> Click on Save Configuration button to save your changes.

Now after we should not able able to see Create Document button in the opportunity entity.

This is how we can hide/add ‘Create Document’ button in entity.

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