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Step By Step Extending MS CRM 2011 Ribbon Part-1

In this part I am going to show how we can create a custom button on existing tab. Basically when adding custom button first you need to decide where you want to put this button, as we want to add new button in existing tab we have two option for this 1.       Add button on existing group in Existing Tab. 2.      … Read more »

Step By Step Related Record Filtering in MS CRM 2011

As we know MSCRM 2011 provides OOB related lookup filtering feature. Let’s take an example I have two lookup in opportunity form, Customer (Account) and Contact. and I want to filter primary contact lookup based on Account selected. I want to only show only those contacts where Parent Account is selected account. I have created two accounts Test1 ,Test2 and… Read more »

Step By Step Adding Configuration Page in Solution MS CRM 2011

If you are building a product using MS CRM 2011 as a platform,you can use solution to package your product, and if you want to develop a page about your product details and features you can add a configuration page in your solution. Solution in MS CRM 2011 allows you to add a configuration page where you can provide details… Read more »