Creating RSS Feed Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Part 3

This is our last post to create a RSS feed dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Please check our previous posts to create a RSS feed web resource for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog and Twitter user account. In this post we will use these web resources in our dashboard.

Please follow our previous post to get RSS feeds and create web resources for the following URLs.

Once we have all the web resources ready, use the following procedure to create a RSS feed dashboard:

  • Navigate to Settings |Customization | Customize the System.
  • Navigate to Components | Dashboard | New.
  • Select “2-Column Regular Dashboard” from the layout and click on Create.
  • Fill in “Microsoft Dynamics CRM RSS Feeds” under the name TextBox.
  • Please your web resources in the dashboard columns and provide a display name.
  • After placing the web resources it should look like the following screen.


  • Save your dashboard and navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 home page.
  • Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM RSS Feeds dashboard from the drop down.

Our dashboard will look like the following:


Stay tuned for our next article.

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    1. HIMBAP Post author

      If you have proper rights you can open default solution and delete chart (make sure to keep backup copy of it by exporting first)


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