Getting Started with Voice of the Customer

In any industry customer satisfaction plays a very important role. It provides a real picture about our happy and unhappy customers which helps us to manage and plan our business effectively. We can get customer satisfaction matrix using different ways and one of them is to use customer satisfaction survey.
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In this article we are going to discuss about Voice of the Customer solution from Microsoft. We can use this application to get customer feedback about your services or product. We can configure it within Dynamics 365 and send survey to our customer through emails or other using other options. If you are working with Dynamics 365 trial you will see this solution is already deployed to our Dynamics 365 organization, but you need to configure it by navigating to admin center for your organization.
Once configured we can use it by navigating to Voice of the Customer area. We can use survey designer to design our survey form and simply drag and drop questions from Survey parts window.
We can personalize our survey using theme. We can use default theme or can create our own custom theme for survey where we can set different components colors using theme designer
We can also upload our company logo to use it in survey form. Finally when survey is completed it can be shared with our customer or non-customers. When survey is completed it’s response is automatically recorded under Survey responses in Dynamics 365.

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