Dynamics 365 App Specific URL for your entity

We all know that we can create group of our Dynamics 365 CE entities in a more logical manner using apps, if you are interested in creating new app, you can refer our earlier post for the same. In this article we are going to discuss about Dynamics 365 app specific URLs.

Requirement: Let’s say we have created a custom app and we have requirement to send email with the record URL to other users or may be we want to use it in our script/code, but we want the record should open in it’s specific app instead of default custom app.

Solution: To implement above requirement we can use appid or appname, while building record URL. let say we want to send email having contact URL and to open contact record in our custom Contact Center app using appid, we use following steps:

1. First we need to get appid for your app, we can open app designer and copy appid from the URL like below
2. Now we need to construct entity record URL, if you are new Dynamics 365 CE, I will suggest you to go through this KB first. We can use following URL to open contact record,
but above URL will open contact record in default Dynamics 365 CE sales app
now to open contact record in our Contact Center app we can use following URL, here you can see we have added appid in the URL
appidcontactNote: Apart from using appid, we can also use appname, so for example we can use appname=contactcenter

And now if you will try to navigate this URL it will open from custom app like below:

2 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 App Specific URL for your entity

  1. ayush kar

    Is there a way to create email from classic contact form ribbon button but the email create form should open new window in unified interface not classic crm form. in a supported way without hard coding appId as this appId may change from environment to environment(Dev, QA, Prod)?

    1. HIMBAP Post author

      Hi Ayush, Thank you for reading my blog, that’s a valid point, we can use appname as well instead of the appid. I have updated post. Thanks Stay tuned !!


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