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Display Success Message with Back button on Dynamics 365 Portal

Introduction: In this article, we are going to discuss how we can display a success message with a back button on the Dynamics 365 portal web page once the record is submitted. Requirement: Display specific message after case submission with a back button to go back to case list in Dynamics 365 portal. Solution: To implement the above requirement, we… Read more »

Adding Cancel button on Web Page – Dynamics 365 Portal Quick Tip

Requirement: Add a custom button on Portal Page to cancel operation. Solution: While working on Dynamics 365 portal, sometime we need to add additional buttons on the web page. We can create liquid template if we want to implement some complex logic and buttons, but if it just matter of quick custom button we can use Web Page Script area…. Read more »

Quick way to add Dynamics 365 portal user in Dev environment

Let’s say you are working on Dynamics 365 portal dev environment and you want to quickly add your demo users. You can following below instruction to add users without invitation. 1. Open to contact record whom you want to add as portal user 2. Make sure you are on the Portal Contact form 3. Navigate to Web Authentication section 4…. Read more »