Bad Request error while setting Single-valued navigation in WebAPI 8.2


Recently working on Dynamics 365 V8.2 environment, I faced “Bad Request” error in my create request and while I tried to debug the code, I found error: “An undeclared property ‘him_supplierid’ which only has property annotations in the payload but no property value was found in the payload. In OData, only declared navigation properties and declared named streams can be… Read more »

No Code solution for Filtering Subgrid based on the Lookup

There is a common requirement to filter subgrid based on the lookup field, but there is no easy way to implement it without writing code. In this post I am going to discuss a quick workaround to implement this requirement. Let’s see how we can implement this. Requirement: We want to show marketing list for accounts in contact form based… Read more »

Dynamics 365 App Specific URL for your entity

We all know that we can create group of our Dynamics 365 CE entities in a more logical manner using apps, if you are interested in creating new app, you can refer our earlier post for the same. In this article we are going to discuss about Dynamics 365 app specific URLs. Requirement: Let’s say we have created a custom app… Read more »

Creating html web resource to show image attached in Notes using Web API


Some time back I wrote a post for retrieving image attached to notes using OData, as now for Dynamics 365 CE, we use Web API, so I am going to share how we can do it using Web API. Microsoft Dynamics CRM store all the notes and attachment in annotation entity. Most of the out of box entity used to… Read more »

Get Optionset Label using stringmap- Web API


Requirement: Get Optionset label based on optionset value using client side code. Solution: We have different option to implement this requirement. Earlier we wrote a post to get option set label using formatted values, today we are going to discuss how we can use stringmap to get optionset label using Web API. Stringmap entity store details about optionsets, it has… Read more »

Creating Connection using WebAPI- {Sample Code}


If you are looking for sample code to create connection record using WebAPI for Dynamics 365 CE, this post will help you. I am creating connection record for opportunity, you can change lookups entity based on your requirement. Hope it will help someone !!

Web Notification Plugin Error for Dynamics 365 Portal


Recently while doing Dynamics 365 Portal deployment, got following dependency error regarding Web Notifications. Checking target organisation I found web notification solution is already installed there. While troubleshooting, I found a helpful thread and Adxstudio Portal KB. We don’t need to use web notification now for Dynamics 365 portal, this solution is kept for the compatibility of the Adxstudio Portal… Read more »

Dynamics 365 Partner Portal for Field Service


Recently while working on portal production deployed, we got error for missing components for Field service, but Field Service solution was already installed and setup in production. While doing troubleshooting I found the production organization was missing “PartnerPortalFieldService” solution. To get this solution, we have to install it manually using portal from Portal Actions After that we got this solution. Hope it will help… Read more »

Redirecting User to Specific Page After Login to Dynamics 365 Portal

Requirement: Support user should be redirected to support page after login to Dynamics 365 portal instead of home page. But later they can navigate to home page. Solution– In order to implement this requirement, here we need to implement two checks: 1. Check if user is a support user. 2. Check if he is navigating to home page for the… Read more »