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Get Max value using Javascript

 If you want to fetch Max value from CRM entity record using Javascript, you can use below code, remember to change entity and field name accordingly var authenticationHeader = GenerateAuthenticationHeader(); // Prepare the SOAP message. var xml = “<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8’?>”+ “<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=’’”+ ” xmlns:xsi=’’”+ ” xmlns:xsd=’’>”+ authenticationHeader+ “<soap:Body>”+ “<RetrieveMultiple xmlns=’’>”+ “<query xmlns:q1=’’”+ ” xsi:type=’q1:QueryExpression’>”+ “<q1:EntityName>EntityName</q1:EntityName>”+ //change entity name “<q1:ColumnSet… Read more »

"This control only accepts strings or null as input" error message

when you will try to assign integer value to nvarchar attribute in MS CRM like below var IntVal=10; Let’s say we have one field named “ABC” having nvarchar datatype crmForm.all.ABC.DataValue=IntVal; you will get error “This control only accepts strings or null as input”. to solve this issue you can use toString() method of JS like below crmForm.all.ABC.DataValue=IntVal.toString(); Enjoy !!!

Change CRM Field and Section Label at Runtime

Some time we need to change CRM field label at runtime. This can be easily implemented through JS code. You can change like below crmForm.all.FieldName_c.innerText=”New Label”; you can include this code on any form event based on your requirement. I got one question on CRM Forum where user need to change CRM field label at runtime based on Picklist value. For… Read more »

Hide MS CRM 4.0 Grid Button

I am regular visitor of ms CRM forums, I found this question many times, to hide MS CRM gird button. Which cannot be implemented through supported customization. We can implement this through unsupported customization. For example we want to hide assign button on opportunity grid toolbar. So we can do this by writing script to hide this button on Homepage.aspx… Read more »

Tooltip In CRM 4.0

As in my previous Post I have discussed how to set Tooltip for CRM Fields, I want to extend this post. Tooltip For Left Navigation Items sometimes we need to set custom tooltip for left navigation items, so we can use the same title attribute to set but for left navigation link you have to set title for child element… Read more »

Rearrange Navigation Items in Left Navigation Bar

Some time we need to rearrange left navigation item of left navigation bar, we can do this easily using JS “insertBefore()” function. Just we need to get element id of the left navigation items. We can use IE dev toolbar to do this; also if you are using IE 8 then IE dev toolbar will not work, as Microsoft has… Read more »

Calling External WebService using JS

 Sometimes we need to call External webservice using JS, i have written a function to call external webservice Here is the function, you can modify it according to your requirements function CallCustomWebService(FunctionName, ParameterNameList, ParameterValueList, ProxyURL) {//FunctionName-Name of the function to call //ParameterNameList-Array of Parameter names in your proxy function //ParameterValueList-Array of Parameter value //ProxyURL-URL of your proxy var CallingFunctionURL = “”… Read more »