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Implementing Prompt dialog in D365 CE Part 2

Requirements Let’s say we have requirement where user can put opportunity on hold but before doing he needs to enter comment which should be saved in the opportunity. In the earlier part we discussed of creating prompt and updating opportunity, in this part we will discuss next items. Details We have our prompt page ready now we need to create… Read more »

Update sub grids record in MS CRM

Did you get a requirement to update child entity records available in sub grid in parent entity, so for example if you are working opportunity and you need to update all the related quotes records which is available in quote sub grids under opportunity screen. You can use below code and can modify based on your requirement function GetAllQuotesIds() {… Read more »

Quick Tip for "Permission Denied" error in MS CRM

Are you getting “Permission Denied” error and you are confident that all your scripts are working fine and not causing this issue, you may be correct 🙂 it’s not always you will get this error because of your scripts only, you may get this error if you won’t add MS CRM url under trusted sites in your browser, so make… Read more »

Show MS CRM Optionset values in Dropdownlist in

Sometime customers have requirement to create MS CRM records through custom pages, and if we have optionset in our entity we might want to display optionset valeus in dropdownlist in our Web page. We can use following code to populate optionset values in dropdownlist. public Dictionary<int, string> RetrieveOptionsetMetadata(IOrganizationService _iOgranizationService) { //Dictionary to store value and text Dictionary<int,string> _DropdownDatasource=newDictionary<int,string>(); //Create request to fetch… Read more »

‘Sys’ is undefined error while using Ajax 4.0 and Visual studio 2010

We used Ajax in one of our ISV application and when we deployed it in Production server, we started facing this issue, after doing a search in google, I found I need to do changes in my webconfig file to make ajax enabled, as we used vs 2010, so these entries were not there in our webconfig file. So we… Read more »