Implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Happy to share news that my 3rd book is published now. This book will help you learn about Dynamics 365 Customer engagement implementation options as well as you will learn about how to customize and extend Dynamics 365 CE.
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This book is divided into following 12 chapters:
Introduction to Dynamics 365 CE
This chapter will help you to understand basic details about Dynamics 365 CE, it’s clients, deployment options, subscriptions and setting up quick online trial.

Implementation Methodology
This chapter you will learn about different management and different project management techniques which will help you to select project implementation technique for your Dynamics 365 CE.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Every project require some type of requirement gathering, so in this chapter you will see what are the different requirement and analysis techniques can be used for Dynamics 365 CE projects.

Preparing Functional and Technical Design Documents
Once you got you requirement details it is very critical to document them so this chapter will help you to prepare your functional and technical design document based on the requirements.

Configuring Your Dynamics 365 CE Organization
This chapter will explain different configuration options for Dynamics 365 CE. You will learn options which you need to configure while implementing Dynamics 365 CE.

Customizing Dynamics 365 CE
This chapter will help you to learn about customization features and will help you to understand how customization is done for Dynamics 365 CE.

Extending Dynamics 365 CE
Sometime we want to extend Dynamics 365 CE capability so this chapter will help you to understand different extension points for Dynamics 365 CE and how you can develop code for Dynamics 365 CE.

Integrating Dynamics 365 CE with Other Applications
This chapter will help you to learn about different options for integration If you wanted to integration Dynamics 365 CE with other application.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
You will learn about business intelligence and reporting features of Dynamics 365 CE, how to write custom reports using Visual Studio.

Testing and User Training Planning
This chapter will help you to implement testing plan and selecting testing techniques for your Dynamics 365 CE implementation.

Migration and Upgrade
This chapter will help you to learn about different options to upgrade to Dynamics 365 CE from earlier versions. you will learn how you can migrate your existing data to Dynamics 365 CE.

Deployment and Go-Live Support
This final chapter will help you to understand deployment options and how to provide go live support.

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