Fixing “This app isn’t opening correctly” error

Getting Error while opening Canvas app embedded in model driven form.


Recently we faced following error while trying to open canvas app. Earlier this app was working fine and this error occurred after new changes deployed to this environment.


Based on the error message, I started troubleshooting it and checked ID of the user and verified if this app is shared with the current user or not. I looked into the users list with whom this app was shared and found current user there which verified that this is not a permission issue.

Next I started looking into control properties to make sure something everything is correct there. While we embed canvas app in model driven form, very important part is App ID.


To verify if this App id is matching to the app in this environment, I went to and looked into canvas app details and found that id was different. Once I corrected App ID. It started working fine.

If we are getting “This app isn’t opening correctly” this may be because of the wrong App ID. Make sure to review error details and start troubleshooting based on the error details

Hope it will help someone!
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