Embedded Canvas app Security- Quick Tip

Embedded Canvas app not loading

Recently some of the user reported that they are not able to use Canvas app which is embedded on the sitemap.

While using embedded canvas we need to consider following

User have all the required permission on the used entities
Depending on what your app is doing we need to provide all the required permission to the users who will be using these apps for example if you have grid controls where you are display data of some entity or you have implemented CURD operations for some entity so user should be part of the security role where they have required privileges setup. While troubleshooting this option we found users have required permissions.

While troubleshooting further we found error in the console

Principal user (Id=e3b…., type=8, roleCount=2, privilegeCount=440, accessMode=0), is missing prvReadCanvasApp privilege (Id=659b………..f) on OTC=300 for entity ‘canvasapp’ (LocalizedName=’Canvas App’)

We have Canvasapp entity so if we are using canvas apps we need to make sure user have read permission for this entity. This entity is available under Customization tab. After providing this permission users were able to see app.

Also make sure your users have the required license available. Fill free to share if you got another issue while working on the embedded app and how you solved it.

This is how we fix issue related to embedded canvas app.

Hope it will help someone !!
Keep learning and Keep Sharing !!

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