Editable Grids – The most awaited feature!! – Continued..

In our last article we started discussing Editable grid and we are continuing discussing some more features of editable grid here. So let’s start !!
We discussed how to configure editable grid for views, similarly we can also apply editable grids to sub grid and perform inline editing.

And once our changes published we can do inline editing in sub grids as well

Editable grid also support following three event:
OnRecordSelect – This event fires when we select single record in grid. For example we can bound our custom script method like following screen:

and when we will select any record, it will fire, for example we are just showing alert:
Onchange – This event fire on value change of grid fields, it works similar to field event and fires when we will lose focus from the field.

OnSave – This event occurs before sending updated date to server.


We can also use grid methods to interact with editable grids.

Stay tuned for more Dynamics 365 new features !!

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