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Using business rule for Data Import Validation

Recently I saw one question in CRM forum where user was interested in using Business Rules to implement data validation for Data Import? so can we do that ?? The answer is Yes !!, of course we can do that, business provides support to run your logic on server side right, if you don’t know this, check our earlier article… Read more »

Running business rule only on record create

Requirement: Execute business rule only on create of entity record. Solution: As we know that business rules are executed on form load and on change of the associated field, which means if we have business rule for any entity it will fire for new record as well for existing records when form will load. If you are new to business… Read more »

Server Side Execution of Business Rules

Recently we hosted a free webinar on Dynamics 365 Business Rules. During webinar, there was one question regarding server side execution of the business rule: “Will it execute during create request”? And I answered it depends. If you are setting any field which has business rule associated with it, it will fire, but if you are not using that field… Read more »

Business rules enhancements in Dynamics 365

Business rules was initially released in Dynamics 2013 and after that we got improvements in these. If you are new to business rule you can refer our earlier article for business rules. Now let’s discuss what is new in Dynamics 365 for business rules. Completely New Designer Dynamics 365 replaced business rule designer with completely new look and feel. The… Read more »

Business Rules Enhancement in MS CRM 2015

With other exciting features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 also introduced new following enhancement in business rules: Set default value Support for Server Side logic Support for OR operator Support for else Setting Default Value – This is a very useful enhancement which can help us in different business scenarios for example, let’s say you have one default pricelist that you… Read more »

Options for locking field on Business Process Flow

Requirement Field should be locked on the form as well as on the business process flow. Details Sometimes we need to make field read only on the business process flow. Let’s see what options we have to make field read only on entity forms. Using Field Behavior This is the first and the easiest way of making field read only…. Read more »

Business Process Flow Enhancements in Dynamics 365

This is article is part of our new Dynamics 365 features series. In this article we are going to discuss new enhancements in Business Process Flow. Business process flow is one of the process category that we can use to automate our business related activities. Business process flow is different from other processes in terms of the visualization. It visually… Read more »

Using Routing Rule Set in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ’14 introduced a new feature that allows us to define case routing rules. We can set up different queues based on different business scenarios and then define case routing rules to route cases to these queues (Note: we can have only one routing rule set active at a time)…. Read more »

Fixing Dynamics 365 Portals Page Template Issue

While creating Page Template (If you are new to Dynamics 365 portal, you can check about Page Template here) in Dynamics 365 portal, I noticed the type validation was not working (It should hide Rewrite Url field when Web Template is selected under Type field). Please refer our earlier article for setting up Dynamics 365 trial if you want to set up… Read more »

Form and Fields Notification in Dynamics 365 Part 2

In our earlier article we started discussing about notification in Dynamics 365, in this article we are going to discuss some new notification method which was introduced in Dynamics 365. So let’s discuss this new method. This method provides similar functionality like recommendation action in business rule, if you are new to business rule check our following articles related to… Read more »