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Creating Connection using WebAPI- {Sample Code}


If you are looking for sample code to create connection record using WebAPI for Dynamics 365 CE, this post will help you. I am creating connection record for opportunity, you can change lookups entity based on your requirement. Hope it will help someone !!

Re-adding accidently deleted statusreason option- Quick Tip

Requirement: Have you been in a situation where you accidently deleted status reason option from quote entity and now want to add it back as soon as possible?? If yes then this article is going to help you. Solution: While adding options to option set, it’s value is generated automatically based on the option value prefix (You can find this… Read more »

Using Category to store your Master Data

In every CRM implementation, we deal with some sort of master data in CRM. Normally we use traditional way to store master records by creating custom entities. But we do have better way to store master data using Category entity. This entity was introduced in CRM 2016. This entity is very helpful to implement hierarchical structure. In this article we… Read more »

Update Entity Form JS Library without removing event handlers- Quick Workaround

Requirement: – Let’s say we have one entity with good amount of custom fields and we have developed a web resource for main form. Many of the fields have onchange event associated with them. Now we got new requirement where we need to implement similar kind of form with some new functionality for different type of users and some of… Read more »

Web API Sample Code Index

We have written couple of articles about using Web API, which is a new way to work with Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365/CRM data and metadata. Web API implements OData V4 and can be used for any operation that we can be done using organization service. If you are new to Web API following index can help you in… Read more »

Dynamics 365 Web API enhancement Part 1

Dynamics 365 released some new enhancements to Web API. If you are new to Web API, we will suggest you to refer our earlier articles for Web API. In this release create and update Web API requests are enhanced to return entity object after record created or updated. Let’s understand this enhancement using following create request example. Let say we… Read more »

Applying signature to Dynamics CRM 2016 Email


This feature was added in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 release. Using this feature now we can add signature to email or queue. We can define signature using Email Signatures template. We can find this option under Templates by navigating to Settings -> Templates. We can create a generic signature which will be applied to all the emails or… Read more »

5 Quick Steps to debug your CRM Online Plugin


In this article we going to provide you quick 5 steps that you can use to debug your CRM online plugin. Let say we are working with CRM online plugin and getting some error in our plugin, now we want to troubleshoot our plug-in by debugging it. Before jumping into steps, here is what we are assuming: You are connected… Read more »

Getting Started with Asynchronous Workflow


Are you new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and looking to get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Asynchronous Workflows? than join us on Friday 4 Nov at 8 PM IST for Free Webinar: Agenda 1. Introduction to Asynchronous workflow 2. Using Workflow Designer 3. Configure workflow start options 4. Using workflow Steps 5. Demo 6. Q & A You can… Read more »