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Using PickFromQueue in Dynamics CRM -Sample Code

I saw one question in CRM community forum today where user was looking for help to use PickFromQueue message, so I thought of writing sample code for the same, so that it can help others as well. Let’s first understand the message, why we need it. As name suggests this message is used to pick item from queue and used… Read more »

Stop User from creating activities for Closed Records – Quick Tip

We can associate activities with entity records even though they are closed (in inactive state) because CRM setup 1:N relationship with activity and other activities related entities if Activities checkbox is selected under entity definition. But let’s say we have business requirement to stop this behavior. There is no out of the box setting to disable it, but we can… Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design ebook @ 5$ only


Our publisher is running a campaign where they are offering latest technologies ebook at 5$ only !!, which also include our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design ebook You can order it from here, so get your copy today !!

Adding View Shortcut in SiteMap


Sometime while working on CRM implementation, your client may ask you to add a direct shortcut to some view in SiteMap, let’s say, a shortcut of imports view. If you want to see imports view, you need to navigate to Settings->DataManagement->Imports. So if we need to add shortcut to this view, we can use SiteMap editor for this. In our… Read more »

Fill more color to CRM Web Application

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 introduced a very nice feature, “Themes” , which allows us to add colors to different below component in supported way. We can access theme by navigating Settings->Customizations-> Themes. There is one default read only, out of the box theme available in every CRM deployment. We can’t do any modification to this theme but we… Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design Book

Recently our second book on Dynamics CRM 2015 got released. This is a practical guide to learn CRM 2015, If you are new to Microsoft CRM Development or want to explore CRM 2015 new features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design will help you in that. This book have below 8 Chapters, which starts from basic topics and moves to advance topics… Read more »

Three pillars of Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Very common question that we face in Microsoft Dynamics CRM community forums, “How to get started with Dynamics CRM?” Personally I feel that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is always a very hot topics in .Net developers and it totally make sense because after putting little more efforts you can add a new skill to your resume and can increase your career… Read more »

Image Gallery Utility for Dynamics CRM

In our earlier article we have demonstrated how we can fetch images attached to notes, working on the same requirement we have enhanced our examples to develop an image gallery utility to see all the images attached to notes. Here is the complete code for this utility: You can download complete utility from GitHub Following are the steps to use… Read more »