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Adding View Shortcut in SiteMap


Sometime while working on CRM implementation, your client may ask you to add a direct shortcut to some view in SiteMap, let’s say, a shortcut of imports view. If you want to see imports view, you need to navigate to Settings->DataManagement->Imports. So if we need to add shortcut to this view, we can use SiteMap editor for this. In our… Read more »

Three pillars of Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Very common question that we face in Microsoft Dynamics CRM community forums, “How to get started with Dynamics CRM?” Personally I feel that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is always a very hot topics in .Net developers and it totally make sense because after putting little more efforts you can add a new skill to your resume and can increase your career… Read more »

Image Gallery Utility for Dynamics CRM

In our earlier article we have demonstrated how we can fetch images attached to notes, working on the same requirement we have enhanced our examples to develop an image gallery utility to see all the images attached to notes. Here is the complete code for this utility: You can download complete utility from GitHub Following are the steps to use… Read more »

Retrieve Duplicate Detection Rules using CRM SDK

Sometime you may require to retrieve duplicate detection rules using CRM SDK, this post will help you to write code to get duplicate detection rule. Let’s take an example we want to retrieve all the duplicate detection rules based on the entity name, if you will navigate to Settings-> Data Management -> Duplicate Detection Rules, you will see duplicate detection… Read more »

Adding Phone Call button on Entity Form

“Can we do changes on Phone Call form under Social Pane??” I have seen this question many times on Microsoft Dynamics Forum. But social pane does not allow any customization at present, so there is no way to add custom fields over phone call form in social pane. But we can always customize phone entity form, so as a workaround, we can… Read more »

Adding Direct Link for Activity in SiteMap

If we want to access specific activity, first we need to navigate to specific module and then need to select activities sub area, for example Sales->Activities and then we can select activity view. But let’s say if your customer wants to hide all activity option and just wants to add a direct link to the activity that they are using mostly. If you… Read more »

Sending History Notes using Custom Workflow

Long time back we wrote a post to get history notes using custom workflow, in this post we are providing updated version of the code supported for CRM 2011/2013/2015. Requirement: If you have requirement to send notification when new note is added to any entity record where you have notes relationship enabled, for example let’s say when any notes entered to any critical… Read more »

Validate Inactive Customer Selection

Requirement: Let’s say we want to validate customer selection in opportunity record and if user selected inactive record, we want to display them an error alert to select another customer. Solution: We can implement this requirement using server side or client side code, in this post we are going to provide sample code for checking account status and throw alert… Read more »