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Change “The form could not be submitted..” message in Dynamics 365 Portal

In my earlier article, we discussed how to implement custom javascript validation message, now let’s say we want to change the title of the validator. So first thing I tried to check it’s element using inspect. And used following code But even though this label was changed, but validator title was same Then I tried following code, in console And… Read more »

Adding date validation in Dynamics 365 Portal

Introduction This article is about implementing custom java script validation in Dynamics 365 portal web page. We will discuss how we can show our own custom validation message to portal user. Requirement Let’s say we have following web page in portal where portal customer can enter their preferred date for appointment. But in case customer selects Saturday or Sunday, we… Read more »

Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Portal – Webinar

Introduction Are you new to Dynamics 365 Portal and want to know how to get started? Join us on 1 Sep for Free Webinar in Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Portal. In this article we will discuss some quick question about Dynamics 365 Portal add-on. Why We need Dynamics 365 Portal? Sometimes our customer, partners want to access their data,… Read more »

Modifying Profile Page in Dynamics 365 Portal

Introduction In this article we are going to discuss how we can customize Dynamics 365 portal profile page. Requirement Let’s say we got following requirement to change profile page 1. Hide Parent account 2. Hide Manage access 3. Change Text to “Please make sure your personal information is up to date” 4. Hide Email confirmation 5. Hide Preferred Language 6…. Read more »

Getting Record Id from EntityView in Dynamics 365 Portal

Introduction: We can use entity list to render records of entity from specific view configured in entity list. Entity list provide many options like sorting result set, re-labelling view columns, action buttons and more. We can configure details page in entity list which can be opened to view more details about the record or for edit/updating. In this article we… Read more »

Display Success Message with Back button on Dynamics 365 Portal

Introduction: In this article, we are going to discuss how we can display a success message with a back button on the Dynamics 365 portal web page once the record is submitted. Requirement: Display specific message after case submission with a back button to go back to case list in Dynamics 365 portal. Solution: To implement the above requirement, we… Read more »

Web Notification Plugin Error for Dynamics 365 Portal

Recently while doing Dynamics 365 Portal deployment, got following dependency error regarding Web Notifications. Checking target organisation I found web notification solution is already installed there. While troubleshooting, I found a helpful thread and Adxstudio Portal KB. We don’t need to use web notification now for Dynamics 365 portal, this solution is kept for the compatibility of the Adxstudio Portal… Read more »

Dynamics 365 Partner Portal for Field Service

Recently while working on portal production deployed, we got error for missing components for Field service, but Field Service solution was already installed and setup in production. While doing troubleshooting I found the production organization was missing “PartnerPortalFieldService” solution. To get this solution, we have to install it manually using portal from Portal Actions After that we got this solution. Hope it will help… Read more »

Redirecting User to Specific Page After Login to Dynamics 365 Portal

Requirement: Support user should be redirected to support page after login to Dynamics 365 portal instead of home page. But later they can navigate to home page. Solution– In order to implement this requirement, here we need to implement two checks: 1. Check if user is a support user. 2. Check if he is navigating to home page for the… Read more »