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Hide Create Document button


Requirement Hide Create Document (Document CorePack) button from opportunity entity. Details Create Document button is added by Document CorePack addon to the entities, but sometimes we want to hide this button for specific entities for example let’s say we want to hide this in the opportunity entity. If you will try to find this button using Ribbon Workbench you won’t… Read more »

Deactivate Child Records using plug-in


Requirement Deactivate child records using 1:N association using plugin. Details Sometimes we want to deactivate/activate records based on the Parent record deactivation/activation. We cam achieve this requirement writing plugin on the update of the parent entity where we can check statecode value wheather it’s 0 or 1 (Most of the activities have two states 0- Active, 1- Inactive) but we… Read more »

Using Enhanced Email Feature


Requirement Enable enhanced email feature in Dynamics 365 CE Details While working within the timeline control, if we want to create activity records like below New Quick create form is opened for the tradition activities like Meeting, Phone Call, Task etc. But when we try to create email, it opens email main form in the whole scree by default. To… Read more »

Entity not available in Modern Advanced find


Requirement Custom Entity should be visible in the Modern Advanced Find. Details Some time back Microsoft introduced Modern Advanced Find (New name of the Advanced find) which is enabled now if you have installed wave 2 updates in your D365 environment and classical Advanced Find will be hidden. This will be confusing to end users if they are not aware… Read more »

Implementing Prompt dialog in D365 CE Part 2


Requirements Let’s say we have requirement where user can put opportunity on hold but before doing he needs to enter comment which should be saved in the opportunity. In the earlier part we discussed of creating prompt and updating opportunity, in this part we will discuss next items. Details We have our prompt page ready now we need to create… Read more »

Implementing Prompt dialog in D365 CE Part 1


Requirements Let’s say we have requirement where user can put opportunity on hold but before doing he needs to enter comment which should be saved in the opportunity. Details Let’s say we want to implement this requirement using prompt dialog where user can provide comments before setting opportunity on hold. To implement this requirement we have to do following things:… Read more »

Custom security role is not available while sharing app

Requirement Sharing custom model driven app with user using specific security role. Details Let say we have created a new security role called HIMBAP QA in our model driven app and we want to share our custom model driven with user with this security role assigned. So let try that. 1. Navigate to, select your environment -> app ->… Read more »

Options for locking field on Business Process Flow


Requirement Field should be locked on the form as well as on the business process flow. Details Sometimes we need to make field read only on the business process flow. Let’s see what options we have to make field read only on entity forms. Using Field Behavior This is the first and the easiest way of making field read only…. Read more »

Fixing UCI Custom View Filter Caching Issue

Problem Customer filter is applied to system view because of caching Details Recently we got one issue reported where system view was not displaying all the records based on the default filter, but when we tried to reproduce the issue when we tried to check the view directly but when we tried to follow steps based on the QA resource… Read more »

Fixing “This app isn’t opening correctly” error


Problem Getting Error while opening Canvas app embedded in model driven form. Solution Recently we faced following error while trying to open canvas app. Earlier this app was working fine and this error occurred after new changes deployed to this environment. Based on the error message, I started troubleshooting it and checked ID of the user and verified if this… Read more »